Buddha Board Recenzje App


Hi. Are you updating for iOs 11? Thanks!

Buddha Board-

First touched a Buddha board when I was twelve, suicidal and being sent to a psychiatric ward, at my school, my counselor had one and it helped so much. Tried to convince my mom to buy one now at fifteen for my BPD, ODD, ADD, and depression, plus my zen style room. Too much money she says, so I got this. Great app. Helps so much.

Good but missing some things

I like this app, it's biggest problem is it's got universal. If I could change one thing, it would be make me a universal so that it would be at usable on the iPad as it is on the iPhone. You can get it to work on the iPad, but it's almost pointless because of the screen resolution differences.

Good for practicing Impermanence

Practise living in the moment with this, instead of being anxious of the outcome. U can write happy or painful words and see them slowly disappear, reminding yourself that everything is impermanent, which is a key concept of Buddhism.

Beautiful App

Wonderful app that does everything advertised. Easy to use.

I love it!

I love practicing Japanese characters. You can just doodle also.

Clears calms the mind



Great app! Simple and easy to use. Very enjoyable and peaceful. Thank you! Namaste


Great addition to the BB family. Now I have a board all the time! Easy to use and almost as good as the real thing! Realistic board colors and plenty of Custom options! Thanks Buddha!

Buddha rocks!

Buddha board is my life!!!!!!!

Relaxing Product Promotion

A brilliant cross-industry promotional app that lets you use your iDevice like the soothing water-based Buddha Board product. Select from colors, brush strokes, and optional sounds. However, user beware, for reasons unknown this software activates the device microphone when it is run.

Great app

Buddha Board is a fantastic app! No talent required. Just play and relax. Its git a beautiful, clean design. The water graphic is realistic, colors and textures are soothing. It feels like you're really painting with water and then the water slowly evaporates and your drawing disappears. I love it!


Relaxing, calming, cerebral! Wow! Just as wonderful as the actual Buddha Board, but without the water. Be sure to activate the music in the set-up. Works well on the iPad and iPhone. Extremely, highly recommended. Too bad I can't rate it a "10."

Great app

Works well, makes sense, and it is very calming.


Makes you calm an peaceful


Thank you Buddha Board for this great app and concept!!

Great for letting go

A very peaceful and calm app. I love it


More apps should be this simple.

Simply amazing

Love it.

Awesome App :)

It is a great app to help one remember to not attach themselves to the past, and simply enjoy the present; look forward towards the future.


Wonderful app! Just like the real thing

Excellent Zen practice app

Wonderful app which mimics the real Buddha Board you can purchase from their website. There's no option to turn off the evaporation because that's how the boards work in real life. Good for practicing non-attachment :) I enjoy making and meditating with enso.

Good concept

Needs volume control. Changing the brush strokes doesn't seem to do anything.

I like

Very nice.


Super wonderful app the concept of letting go art is awesome . Cannot love it more

This app is nice and calming.

This relaxes you and I love the real sounds:)




It's great... Just like the real thing! So addictive and fun! And its free! Nothing could get better!


sooooo fun and addicting cant stop playing i always wanted one!!!! and by the way if you have a real one it always erases so it is exactly like it b/c they both erase people

4 *s

This app is AMAZING! But it is really frustrating trying to write while racing against the evaporation... 4 stars for no option to turn off the evaporation... PLEASE give us the option to choose weather our work is being erased while we write!!!

Non attachment

Simple, clear. A tool to help one attain right thinking

Buddha Board is totally......LEGIT

Ok its a little pricey, but the actual thing is pretty legit. I do not know how it works, but it super tight! I own one and I am about to buy another one because its so legit the app is pretty tight too!!!


This is a beautiful app that does just what it's supposed to do. I even enjoyed the sounds :)

Beautiful new app - I want a real one!

This is a beautiful app. My kids love to use it so much that I think I'll have to buy the real thing or I'll never see my iPhone again!

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